Many Roads

Life always has many roads to go on,

The choice is ours to make,

There can be blessings, consequences, and things we leave behind,

At times we’ll encounter crossroads, Where both roads look favorable,

We can not just sit at a crossroad,

If we do our indecision will cause us to be pushed down a road.

It is with great care that we must decide which road to make our journey on,

Most of the time we get but one chance to decide,

If we try and go back the road may be destroyed or trampled upon

so traveling upon it will not be the same.

Sometimes we find people to travel with us,

If it is the right people, They will bring us joy and help on your journey.

I pray you remember to  seek God’s help and  you  make the right decisions on you life’s journey and that your blessed to find the right people to travel with.

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